Proof of Concept (POC) is defined as "evidence which demonstrates that a business model or idea is feasible". This powerful tool helps to "educate and influence a customer to implement a solution or process". Vedicsys, a leading Customized ERP Services Enterprise, offers you with a powerful methodology to make sure you meet your business solution expectations, using creative approach and wide technology expertise with the POC service. We improve the product with our services on POC for new ideas. Our POC Services are intended to demonstrate the value statements and Return on Investment (ROI) for the proposed project.

POC Approach is a much comprehensive and real-time selection approach for ERP solution. POC is evidence that demonstrates the suitability of a solution to address your business needs – both immediate and future.

Vedicsys has a team of experts who are always on the forefront to provide value-added services and innovative solutions to our clients with advantages in Time, Quality and Cost. We offer unique business models according to the requirements of our valuable clients. We provide an opportunity to the client to understand the product better – both in terms of functionality and flexibility.

Vedicsys offers different solutions to suit the requirements of our clients. For building a POC, the client can adopt any of the following approaches:

  • Division Level POC - To save on the time, Vedicsys can build a POC for one of the departments/divisions of the client. The department may be Critical/ Non-Critical to the Business to suit the client's requirements
  • Enterprise Wide POC - If the client is interested to have a POC for the enterprise as a whole
  • Suite Specific POC - Oracle E-Business Suite is a combination of a number of modules. The Modules can be grouped into suites such as Financials, Distribution, HRMS, CRM, SCM and others. This Offering suits best if the client wants to build a POC for a suite.
  • Module Specific POC - A POC can also be built by implementing one of the modules as required to suit the client's requirements.