If you have spent millions of dollars on ERP Software, such as Oracle e-Business Suite, and your enterprise system is integrated, yet you are not achieving major operational benefits from your ERP systems, contact us at Vedicsys, a Leading ERP Consulting Services Firm. We are some of the best ERP Consultants in the world, ready to assist in world-class ERP Services.

ERP Extension also includes MRP and CRM Extensions. Our ERP Consultants have years of experience working with and extending the ERP, MRP and CRM Applications, which helps you in improving the visibility of information across your value chain.

Our ERP Extension Service is reliable and streamlined. Once designed in your ERP System, that runs for years without technical support and software maintenance. Before we ever implement an ERP Extension or Upgrade a system, we subject it to robust test case studies, ensuring that from beginning task to end task, the enterprise system works seamlessly and effectively.

Our ERP Consultants can work on-site or off-site, for as long as it takes. Many ERP Consulting Services firms are called in time and again on a project, until the cost of maintenance on the ERP Extensions far exceeds the original investment. At Vedicsys, we work differently.

We stand by all of our work, and are proud to offer the best ERP Solutions - integrated seamlessly into your work-flow and business processes - to produce the most effective operations!