A paragon in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, Vedicsys offers the finest BPO Support Services available. With unique state-of-the-art infrastructure and global delivery expertise, our BPO Representatives offer our clients with the best support services that ensure real business value.

At Vedicsys, we offer uncommon services and a quality of management experience that is perhaps unexpected from an IT firm. Our management offers more than 10 years experience in National Contact Center Management, hiring, training and promoting more than 320 domestic customer service representatives. Our experience includes inbound/outbound sales, lead generation and list cleaning, national "gateway" point of contact for US Federal Government Agencies, Surveys, General Customer Services, and major account fundraising in the non-profit sector supporting universities and cultural organizations.

Customer Technical Support Services

Our Customer Technical Support Services provide excellence on the first call and supported by our Response Tracking System for quality review. We look for both technical solutions and services. We have a team of well-trained and experienced representatives to provide your customers ideal technical support round the clock (24X7) using the Web, Email, Chat or Voice.

Customer Service

Good Customer Service is the primary objective of Vedicsys. We have proven track record in serving our clients with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs that brings you the results you expect. Our Customer Support Service Outsourcing includes customized solutions, right sourcing and continuous training.

Help Desk Technical Support Services

Vedicsys offers Back Office Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing Services, which guarantee reduction in cost and enhanced quality. As one of the best BPO Service providers, we provide proactive support with respect to Help Desk Management. Our Help Desk Experts provide Customer Services that include Help Desk, External Customer Support, Products, Services and Operations Support, Problem Tracking, Request Tracking, and Support Resource Management. We also offer IT Support Services that include Internal Help Desk, Internal Employee Support, Internal Action Request Automation, Request Tracking and Project Support Management.

Data Entry Services

Vedicsys offers foremost Data Entry Services that can make a lot of difference to your business. Our Data Entry Operators are technically highly qualified and experienced with a state-of-the-art technology and quick approach to complete the task of our clients with the best possible output and on time. Our Data Processing Services include Form Processing, Check Processing, Image Processing, OCR Cleanup, Survey Processing, Data Mining, Data cleansing, and Insurance Claim Processing. At the same time, our Data Conversion Services include Book, PDF, Data, XML, SGML, HTML, CAD, Catalog, and Document Conversion.

Contact centers are no longer "phonerooms". Today's representatives use all the tools of the trade to provide information and facilitate internal and external client communications and excellent customer service. Capital Recruitment Services (CRS) staffs are often among the most informed members of any company's staff. Outsourced solutions should meet the same exacting standards. Vedicsys provides seamless Domestic BPO and Customer Services. We, at Vedicsys, strive to be a true BPO partner for our clients.